How to create a website like VISTALOG

   Let's get straight to the point. You might have been considering creating a website like VISTALOG or you might have even started and stucked up on the way.

Today I'd be making shortt tutorial on creating an earning website like VISTALOG . 

Major pages you'd need in creating a functionality like VISTALOG websites are the following 


- Register/Login page


- Withdrawal page 

-Profile page 

-Advert page

-Coupon vendor page

Those are the major pages, others are just minor pages like the about us page, terms and conditions and more.

How do you use WordPress to create VISTALOG-Lik website

1. Buy a domain (with your preferred name) and a very good hosting with unlimited space. I personally recommend Namecheap.

2. You'd need plugins with functionalities like Registration and login plugin, A plugin for UI or interface design like the dashboard. There are many plugins available for that. I've built a lot of dashboard interfaces in the past with these plugins.

3. Plugin for earning purpose, like sharing advert earning, daily login and more.

All these can be archived with WordPress. We've built for few clients in the past and we've taught a lot of people also. You can check our previous blog posts for other similar website built with WordPress.

The best CMS to use in creating a Website Like VISTALOG is WordPress as its easier and WordPress gives room for easy editing and more functions without much knowledge of coding. 

If you are having difficulties building a Web site like VISTALOG , I can help build that up from scratch, call or message 08143017102 on whatsapp.

And if you are a developer and you need the script, I can sell the themes, custom codes and plugins for you at a good rate. Kindly send a whatsapp message 08143017102.

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