Mum, Daughter evicted over prostitution claims

Mum, Daughter evicted over prostitution claims

2018-11-07 08:38:43

A mother and daughter in Likoni area of Mombasa County are a disgraced lot after a landlord evicted them for allegedly turning their house into a brothel.
The two ejected last weekend after the landlord declared that he was fed up with their wayward ways that were corrupting the morals of children living in his plot.
He also complained that the hordes of clients they attracted both day and night were a security threat.
"I have persevered for months because they have never bothered me with the issue of rent payment. But I had to chase them away, nevertheless, as their ways became unbearable," said the landlord, only identified as Salim.
Although the two put up a spirited defence while trying to resist the eviction by insisting that what they had been doing was purely business, the man would hear none of it.
He sought the help of a local vigilante group and the community elder to kick them out. "My premises had been turned into a brothel of sorts. Even my neighbours were complaining loudly about it. What they were doing was both against any form of religion and culture," he added.
Meanwhile, opinion was varied among the locals following the move by the landlord to evict the family from his plot with others supporting it while others castigated it terming as a violation of human rights.
Samwel Charo, a housing agent said the landlord was within his rights to kick out the tenants because of their behaviour.
He explained that since prostitution is illegal in Kenya, then it is also a crime to harbour prostitutes in a residential plot even they are openly selling their wares in the premises.
"From a societal point of view, it is morally wrong. What kind of influence were the tenants for instance having on the children of their neighbours? They were a bad show, even for the adults and the police should have even been involved," he said, decrying the rising rate of prostitution in Likoni.
In his words the landlord said "I had to chase them away as their ways became unbearable". Do you think this was right?
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