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How Joomta Works:

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Start referring friends and acquaintances.

Whenever you refer someone to join, you earn N400. If you refer 10 people, you earn N4,000. If you refer 30 people, you earn N12,000. And if you refer 100 people, you earn N40,000. The maximum number of people you’re allowed to refer in a month is 100 people.

Ownership of multiple accounts is not allowed.

Joomta pays referrers on the third day of the next month. So if you earn N24,000 this March, you’ll be paid your N24,000 earning on the 3rd day of April next month. If the 3rd day of a month falls on a weekend (Saturday or Sunday), you’ll be paid on the working day (Monday) immediately following that weekend.

How Joomta Makes Money

Joomta makes money by displaying popup adverts to Joomta  users whenever they’re on the website. It is from the revenue generated by those adverts that referrers are paid, and because we earn far more from the popup adverts on our site than we pay out to our referrers, we don’t need to charge Joomta users any form of fee to join, so Joomta will always remain free to join.

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  1. I m very happy for this thing

    1. How can i earn money
      Dont know what to do

    2. Join joomta to earn #40,000 every months.

      Registration is 100% free.

      How joomta works
      Earn #400 for each person you refer to join joomta.

      Payment dates is on the 3rd of every month *BUT* if 3rd falls to weekend e.g Saturday or Sunday you will definitely get your payment on the 4th.

      If you refer 10 people in a month you will earn #4,000

      If you refer 30 people in a month you will earn #12,000

      If you refer 100 people you will earn #40,000.

      No minimum withdrawal, any amount you are able to earn will be pay directly to your bank account.

      *NOTE* that your account details will be require during the registration.

      Withdrawal is automatic, you don't need to press any button to request for withdrawal because your account details is already there.

      Click here for registration

    3. This is a scam because av not been paid and today is 3rd

    4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. Please i have been referring people nd its still indicating that i have not referred anyone......i have sent mails to d support service but haven't received a response to the cause of the problem.......i even made sure i registered my last two referrals by myself to be sure they really used my link but its still saying in my account that i haven't referred anyone

  3. clear the cache in your computer history......then restart your system
    it will work now

  4. I after bringing people to login in my account the say , email and username invalid , what can I do
    And is correct, is username I have been using

  5. Does this really work. A friend of mind referred me here.

  6. I want to login but is taking back

  7. I have seven thousand can you give me

  8. I have seven thousand can you give me

  9. Want to believe this is a scam because I have not been paid up till now

  10. This is a scam they did not pay me the 3rd day of the month

  11. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


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