Naira alert income - Get paid to read news, login, refer, comment and more

Nairalert launched on Monday 4th February, 2019.

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This is the breakdown of how you earn on *Nairalert* after a one time registration with a token of *#1000*

💯 Comment *#3*  each (Unlimited)

💯 viewing of news *#4* per news (unlimited)

💯 When you register you get *#300* as a welcome bonus

💯 Creating a well constructed post *#100* each (once per day per member)

💯 Sharing of sponsored post *#150*

💯 Daily login *#80*

💯 Referral *#650* but is optional

💯 Registration fee is *#1000*
✅ minimum withdrawal is *#4000* only without referrals
*500* with referrals

🤑 withdrawal is every 2 weeks without referrals
And every week for referral earnings.

*Can't you see that this is the best?*

 ```NOTE::referral is optional,  we pay with or without referrals

How to register below

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  1. Can we earn by reading old post or it is only new post

  2. How do i register mu referrals

  3. how do i register my referrals under my account.

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  5. How many news do you post every day

  6. Pls my account for nairalert isn't responding and am about to withdraw dis week...pls help out.

  7. is it legit
    re u sure of the legitimacy


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