How to make money from FIFA World Cup 2022 - OKX football Cup NFT

When you saw this article title, the first thing that probably came to your mind is BETTING. I'm happy to say you are wrong!

As an online business person, you must always think of how to make money from any opportunity or any available event or business.

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How to make money from FIFA WORLD CUP 2022.

A lot of people are making money from minting and staking Nft. Refer to this article if you are new to the Nft space.

Okx has made it easier to make money from the 2022 FIFA WORLD CUP with their NFT(OKX football CUP NFT) . Okx is a popular online exchange like binance. A lot of companies like TRON, CHILLZ, are sponsoring this opportunity. 

OKX Football Cup NFTs are ERC-1155 tokens issued on the Ethereum network. You can mint up to 3 NFTs for 1, 2, or 3 of the 32 national football teams that qualify for the 2022 FIFA World Cup — for free. Back your favorite teams to win the 2022 World Cup by holding their NFTs. When the football teams win a match, their NFTs will appreciate in value on the secondary market. Sell their NFTs if you think it's the right moment to take rewards and exit games.

Let me break it DOWN, 

1. Add a minimum of $10 ERC-20 ETH to your wallet

2. Stake the $10 on any of the 32 countries playing the world Cup, the one you think is likely to win. 

3. After staking, your $10 will be locked in your OKX pool till the end of the world Cup which you can withdraw then whether the countries you staked your Nft on wins or not. 

How do you make money? 

Let's say for example, you picked Argentina while minting your NFT, For every match that Argentina plays and win, a sum of $20,000 will be shared among the total number of people that minted NFT (Argentina). 

What if they loose, you don't win any money but your $10 stake will still be in your pool which you can withdraw at the end of the event. 

What if the match is a draw? The $20,000 will be shared equally between the owner of both team's NFT. 

Whether the country you picked win or lose, be rest assured you don't loose any amount. 

The only money you loose is your GAS FEE you used to mint the NFT. 

The most interesting part is you can mint up to 3 NFT's which is a sum of $30 and that will allow you to pick up to 3 countries . And your $30 will be available at the end of the match + if you are lucky enough and the country you staked on wins, all your accumulates earnings will be available to be withdrawn. 

How do you get started. 

Download the OKX app, connect and fund your metamask wallet with a Minumum of $10, don't forget you need a GAS fee also which varies per time. Do good to check the estimated gas fee so you add it to your stake. 


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