Miratel income program - Earn 100k weekly online

Like every other platform we know, miratel is an online income earning programs that pays you to perform little task and also refer. They've got extra interesting features who h makes it stands our from other platform and you don't want to miss out . You can be making up to 50-300K weekly if you are consistent. 

Message me on WhatsApp to register

How Miratel works

  • You pay a one time registration fee of ₦3500
  • Welcome bonus of ₦2000
  • Earn ₦250 for performing daily survey
  • You get ₦350 for publishing a post (news entertainment or any interesting content)
  • 1st Affiliate Bonus (#2,600) that's when you invite your friends to MIRATEL using your link.which is said to be completely optional. 
  • 2nd Indirect Affiliate Bonus = ₦200(that's when your friends invite others, you earn 200 of your downline refer someone.
  • 3rd Party Bonus = #100. You earn this when your Dowline referral refers someone. Are you with me? 

Other interesting features 

📦Free E-commerce feature.
📦 Beauty Contest and talent hunts available
📦VTU enability for members
📦NFTS Accessibility for members
📦 Courses and Skills for members
📦 Football Betting for members
📦 Automated Withdrawal in(Naira or Usdt mode🥳)

How to register on Miratel

1) Register using this link 
2) message me on WhatsApp to get a coupon code for registration (Coupon code is 3500)
3)After getting a coupon code, input it on the registration form. 
4)Once done, you can start earning 

Holla, you are in!.

If you need guide on how to earn, you can message me on WhatsApp 08150652241. 

Miratel Mode of Withdrawal

A non Affiliate earner can decide to withdraw anytime as withdrawal is automated. Automation bottom is on user’s dashboard. Minimum is N20,000. 

Affiliate users can withdraw twice weekly with minimum withdrawal of N5,000 ( Tuesday and Thursday, 4 to 5pm)

Drop your opinion in the comment section or Contact me if you've got any question

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  1. Is miratel scam

    1. Where's the link

    2. Miratel is legit it paying text me on whatsapp 08069593656 I'll send you my payment screenshots I'm full of joy like this

  2. We're is the link

  3. Wow, I'm interested in dis great opportunity

    1. Its so gud you are interested

    2. Contact me 4 registration

  4. Miratel is very real.
    Same as purenetwork.
    Contact me for your coupon codes for registration.
    Purenetwotk 2,500
    Miratel 3,500

    Always available

  5. How can I earn more on miratel tech

  6. Am having issues logging nd the customer care refuse to reply y

  7. Miratel is real guys. Contact me on WhatsApp +2349033194309

  8. Dm me on Whatsapp for ur coupon code an referral link-09018459685

  9. How do I post product? When I do that I get an insufficient fund message y

  10. Can withdrawal for non affiliate earners pass 20000?

  11. How do I activate an auto withdrawal for non affiliate users

  12. How long does it's takes to see the non-affilate eaner alert


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