How to create a website like Purenetwork Intel with WordPress.

Many have been requesting for a tutorial on how create a website like Purenetwork Intel (An earning website). I have made similar tutorials in the past if you check my blog.

Today I'd be teaching how to create a website like Purenetwork Intel. 

The best CMS to use in creating such website is WordPress as its easier and WordPress gives room for easy editing and more functions without much knowledge of coding. 

First thing you'd need is a theme. Find a suitable theme you'd love to use. Its not neccessary it look like Purenetwork Intel theme, you can find lots of themes on Themforest or codecayon. 

But if you want your theme to look exactly like Purenetwork Intel, it's possible with the help of a visual editor. I can help build that up from scratch, call or message 08143017102 on whatsapp.

Secondly, you need up to 10 plugins which will make all the functions works together, like earning, withdrawal, registration, login, referral, profile and more. 

WordPress has different plugins for each feature which you can find on the WordPress plugins page. 

If you are not that good with WordPress, you can hire me to build something exactly like Purenetwork Intel for you at just 100k only. And it will take 2-6 days to be done. 

Message me on WhatsApp 08143017102

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