Reason why you should be an influencer - It’s worth it!

It’s no longer news that influencing is a very lucrative work now in the world. Everyone is wanting to be a content creator on all social media platforms ( Instagram, tiktok , WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter).

Influencing is a career path that can never go down if you know the right way around it. You can make millions, as in millions from influencing.

Influencing in short is just this.

- Having unique content:- Create contents that are unique . Contents that stand out. Unique content drives people to stay tuned to your page and keeps them coming back cos they’d be curious to see what next you have for them. 

- Getting fans or followers:- People love unique content and tend to like and follow anybody giving them what they love seeing cos it probably make them smile or they learn from it. From providing unique content to getting more followers, they even Share your link to your status, to groups, friends and anywhere shareable your content to their friends or others to see, from there your fan base keep getting bigger.

- Attract brands/advertisers:- What many people don’t know is brands are always out there looking for who or where to promote their business and get more customers. Almost everyone have business and the joy of everyone is seeing their business grow, that’s where the influencing job comes in. Social media has taken over, brands go out there and source for creators with good engagements and give them deals to promote their business at an agreed price.

Infact, some brand would have been studying you for a very long time and they contact you when they think you are doing well. More reason why you just have to keep providing more contents non-stop and don’t just stay on a spot, think deeper on how to improve the content you create and drive more engagement. 

Let’s go straight into details 

How to choose the right platform for your influencing career

Of a truth, you can kickstart influencing on any social media platform and blow up in just a blink. Depending on the type of content you wish to create.
I might be wrong but trust me, the following is at least 50% true.
- Choose Instagram , if you are a comedian, fashion creator , or blogger
- Choose Twitter if you do more of memes, advise or even news, blogging
- Choose Tiktok if you do anything, anything can blow up on tiktok anytime
- Choose Whatsapp if you are a business coach or you do memes.
- Choose Telegram if you do movies posting, business or anything related.

There are more niche I did not mention above just that the above mentioned are the most common.

So choosing the right platform to kickstart an influencing career depends on the content or niche you’d like to push. 

More details soon, check back

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