Now2Trade Review - Making money Dollars 2022.

 The last I updated on my blog was 2 months ago (January 2022). lol. Don't mind me, Man's been looking for different ways to make money online. And I'm glad I find many of which I'd be sharing one today which can benefit us all and make us thousands of dollars.

Today I'd be sharing how to make huge income from Now2Trade easy and smooth without any stress. I personally have made over a hundred dollars ($132) since I started test running the site. I go by the rule INVEST WHAT NYOU CAN AFFORD TO LOOSE. That's basically the rule for any online business cos we all know nothing lasts forever.

Let's go straight to the point. HOW TO MAKE MONEY IN DOLLARS 2022 WITH NOW2TRADE


Now2Trade is an online crypto arbitrage platform. While some might be familiar with the word ARBITRAGE, let me explain for those the word arbitrage is kind of new to

CRYPTO ARBITRAGE is taking advantage of the crypto market volatility by buying crypto on one platform where the price is low and reselling on another platform where the price is high to make profit (Little profit to be Repeating the process multiple times is where the huge profit comes from.

For example , Lets say BITCOIN is $42075 on Roqqu while the same BITCOIN is $42105 on Binance. Checking thoroughly, we'd notice the market difference is $30. So buying bitcoin quickly on roqqu , then send it to your binance address and sharply selling on binance within that period where there's a profitable market difference will earn us some dollars.

I hope you understand what arbitrage means now?

Then the next question comes in, If i can easily do this myself, why does NOW2TRADE have to come into this?

Yeah, everyone will probably think of this. As we all know the crypto market is not stable, market fluctuates every minutes, every seconds , in fact every milliseconds.

By the time you spot a market difference between two platforms (Roqqu and Binance), and you want to take advantage of it so you can make profit, you decide to quickly buy on roqqu, it might take time before your purchase reflect in your account, then when it finally reflects, you send to binance, it might also take time before blockchain approval (confirmations), then after confirmation, you proceed to your binance to sell.

I personally will call this stressful, before you finish all these process, the market difference where you are hoping to make profit might have gone down, the prices might have gone lower or higher and at the end you end up loosing some dollars or cents because this platforms would collect buying, selling and withdrawal fee.

Are you following Joshspot or I'm capping too much? Lol

Therefore, to avoid all these stress and not to miss the profit you are to make from the market difference, this is where NOW2TRADE comes in. 

Now2Trade is like a bot that trades on your behalf without having to pass through the buying, selling ,transfer stress. All you just have to do is click a button and the bot will take care of the trading on your behalf. The bot have been programmed yunno! And you know how bot can be very fast and mistake free. There are other platforms that does all these but i think Now2Trade is like the best for now with a easy user interface and well understood.

All these explanations is just for you to understand what you are going into, If not I'd have just dropped a link to get started at the beginning of this post and you end up having zero idea of what the platform is about.

Well, with the above explanations , you already know and understand why you have to use Now2Trade.


Below I'd be explaining all the process you need to start earning on Now2Trade. Try to finish reading before registering so you understand better.

  • SIGN UP - Sign up via this link
  • After clicking the above link, sign up and verify your email via the code that'd be sent to you.
  • Once verification is completed, login to your account.
  • There are up to 3 coins available on the now2trade BTC, DOGE and LTC (as at the time of writing this article)
  • Click on any coin you'd like to use , a unique wallet address would be generated for you. I'd advise you use LTC to do any deposit because it has very low network transfer fee.
I personally use Binance to deposit fiat and buy most of my coins, I don't know about you though. 

Let's say you are ready to deposit on now2trade, purchase LTC/BTC /DOGE. In this article I'd be using Binance as my exchange and I'm depositing $100 worth of LTC.

So I head to Binance , make a purchase of $100 LTC, then copy the LTC address i generated from now2trade , and I'd send the $100 dollars LTC to the address. Network fee should not be more than 0.001LTC (that's about $0.1 )

  • Deposit on now2trade is like every other crypto platforms which have to pass through blockchain network. Besides now2trade will always show you notifications when it receives the LTC from binance. As per my experience, deposit is always fast on now2trade.
  • Once your deposit has been confirmed and you can see your updated balance on your now2trade account. The next thing you have to do is convert the LTC to BTC, cos the pair we are trading on now2trade is BTCUSDT. We can only trade with BTC. If it was doge you deposited, you also have to convert to BTC as shown on your account.

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  1. It seems the site is no linger functioning. Withdrawal is no longer possible and no communication from them. The withdrawal I made did not reflect and it was deducted from my account

  2. I'm unable to withdraw too. The money has become a debt now. I prayed God will speak to them on our behalf.


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