Mpfundz income program - Make money watching videos online

 Hello guys,

I’d be teaching you how to make money online watching videos online. The platform is absolutely free. 

As at the time of writing this report, we’ve not verified the legitimacy of the platform.

But it’s a nice platform and you can give it a try. The promotion by celebrities makes it looks real but we can still assure as we all know what happened to

The only reason I’d advise you to try the platform is because it’s free and you have nothing to loose apart from your time and if it pays, it’s worth it.

If you want to register, click the link below


1. After registering with the link above 

2. Verify your email address 

3.After verification, login to your account and start watching videos 

4. Each video has a price attached to it (always in coins) , that is after watching the video ,you earn a particular amount of coins always visible on top of the video 

5. Do this everyday until you earn up to $10 coin

6. You’d always see the amount you’ve earned so far on top of your screen on any page on the website 

7. Another way you can generate revenue is by copying your refrrral link and sharing to your friends and family 

8. You earn 10% of every withdrawal your referral make forever (it’s a lifetime earning)

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