Supersage (Trons) - How to make money (TRX) 2020

 Hey guys, I'd be giving a review on how to Make money on SUPERSAGE in 2020.

Due to the emergence of smart contracts, it became a lot popular since earlier 2020. From Bitcoin to Ethereum now to Trons which is still at a very early stage.

Supersage is a website where you can earn simply from registering with trons and referring(it is not compulsory referring, and you will still earn so far you have a very hardworking team) 

Let's go into details. 


Below I'd be telling you how to register on supersage, just follow the steps one after the other and carefully. 

1. Supersage registration requires 500 TRONS which is roughly ₦8000 as at the time of writing this article. You can check the current price here

2. Refer to this article on how to purchase your TRONS

3.  After purchasing TRONS, now download tronswallet (playstore) or Tronslink(Apple store)

4. After downloading, register and save your secret keys securely.

5. Then copy your wallet address and go back to ROQQU where you purchase your trons, then send 501 trons to the wallet address you copied. You only need 500 trons though but I added the 1 trons to cover the ROQQU charges

Are you following?

6. Then go back to your trons wallet, click on the buttons as indicated in the arrow below

7. After clicking the button above, copy the link below and paste it in the address.

8. You will be taken to the website, click on REGISTER, and make sure the ID it brought as upline is 39153

9. Then click on I CONFIRM, 

THAT'S ALL, You are done. 

If you need any Clarification, do message me on whatsapp, click here

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