Giftalworld shutting down closes in May 2020

It's no longer news that the great platform that has been striving to pay members since the 28th of October 2018 has finally announced its decision to shut down.

The platform has made over 20 users millionaires and like 50 users hav made more than half a million.

Itbas not been easy running the platform and the CEO has been consistent but after a long deliberation, MR RAJI IBRAHIM popularly know as EBRIGHT decided to shut the platform.

The reason for the decision is written below. A day before the action was taken. There was a picture making round the internet about NPF(police force) in search of the CEO. Though it's obvious the picture was designed by an enemy of the platform but the picture has gone far than enough.

This image has really painted the CEO black which is really saddening. Here is the picture below

Mr EBRGHT promised to make sure the person rot in jail if caught. This is not the first time he ll be blackmailed. It has really gotten to the extreme, that's why the decision was taken.

Check out his last word below

His last speech on his live Instagram video will be uploaded shortly. 

Stay tuned 

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