MultiPOS – Point of Sale (POS) for WooCommerce

 Do you have a physical shop and you want customers to be able to see their physical order on your website or you need to sync your physical shop order, listing and sales on your website. This plugin will help.

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MultiPOS – Point of Sale for WooCommerce module allows store owners to sell products online as well as in their physical stores. It can sync your online store to point of sale with orders, customers and product listings and vice versa. This Point of Sale plugin can be used for the grocery as well as for the restaurant/cafe outlets.

It works natively with WooCommerce and connects to your shop through the REST APIs. All orders made from the POS on the frontend will be automatically synced to the database of your WooCommerce, exactly as any other information concerning product stock, customers’ data etc.

It is built with the React technology and having 90+ performance score which already makes this POS the best and fastest in the marketplace. It can handle unlimited number of products, outlets, orders, customers, etc. easily. Desktop and Mobile PWA apps are supported in the POS. It can be worked either online or offline.

Note: It is compatible with WordPress 5.8.x and WooCommerce 5.6.x.

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