How to make over 100,000 naira money from Abeg app

Hello guys, today I’d be showing you how I made over 50,000 naira in few days on the Abeg app just by referring people. It’s a very easy process and stress free.

I’d also be giving out free #100 welcome bonus to anyone that download the app following the step below. Message me on WhatsApp now

Let’s just get straight to the point

Abeg is an app like chipper cash just to send and receive money in Nigeria and other parts . It has a smooth, user friendly interface and additional functionality that I don’t think any other app has which is the GIVEAWAY function, you can randomly win money from any individual on abeg (probably he/she is in a good mood and decides to give out cash) . I have won a token before just by applying on giveaways.

Okay, that aside , let’s go to our reason of coming here

How to make money on ABEG APP by referring 

If you don’t have the app before reading this article , I’d be referring you to Abeg app now and just follow the process I’d be staying in this post 

1. Download the Abeg app via the links below 

Play store(Android users) -

App Store(iPhone users) -

2. After downloading , register on the app with your correct information and your BVN (bank verification number ) to verify your account.

3. Once done , upload a profile picture to your account by clicking the SETTINGS app and tapping on the profile picture icon

4. After this , send me a WhatsApp message and send your Abeg tag ( e.g @joshspot) as seen on your profile. I’d credit you with #100 . My WhatsApp number is 08143017102 or click this link Click here

5. Once I send you the 100 naira , I’d be given #500 .

This is the same way you do to everyone you wanto refer , tell them to download the app , they should register and verify with their bvn, also upload the profile picture. After that send them #100 . Immediately after that you get #500 

You can also either ask them to refund you or you dash them the #100.

That’s all

Feel free to ask me any question in the comment section or message my WhatsApp line.


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