How to create a website like expertnaire - Full guide


As we all know expertnaire is one of the fastest growing affiliate marketing website.

I’d be teaching you how to create a website like expertnaire and make huge income controlling the website, how to make massive income from it.

I personally as a web designer, I have built over 100 website using Wordpress , I customize Wordpress websites to your taste. In fact anything can be built with Wordpress once you know your way around it.

So to build a website like expertnaire,we’d be using Wordpress to build the website .

1) Get a domain name 

2) Purchase the domain name at any domain registrar of your choice 

3) Get any hosting size or you can get a big hosting size depending on your expected audience size. I’d advise you get a medium hosting size so as not to give you future problems as website glitches gives new members wrong impressions about the website.

4) Then you need lists of plugins and responsive themes to setup the features same as expertnaire .

I’d be selling the themes and websites for you at 35k.


I can help you handle all the setup including the domain and hosting at a very affordable rate of 75k. 

I have plenty demo affiliate site that I’ve built for a lot of clients, send me a WhatsApp message to get a demo of my active affiliate website.

Call me on 08143017102 or send a WhatsApp message 

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  1. what plugin was used for the multivendor and affiliate program?


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