How to buy dogecoin in Nigeria on roqqu

 Hey guys, in my last post I made a review on how to buy dogecoin on EASYCRYPTO website

Today, I'd be teaching another method to purchase dogecoin using the popular roqqu wallet.

The steps are easy, just follow my instructions below 

1) Click here to register on roqqu, incase you are anew member

2) Verify your email and account then login to your account. 

3)Now,you need to deposit an amount to your wallet so you'd be able to buy any crypto if your choice (we are talking of dogecoin in this article) 

Note:- Due to the CBN regulations(ban) on purchasing crypto in Nigeria, many platforms including roqqu has now adopted the peer to peer method of payment, therefore you won't be using your debit card again. No fear, it's completely safe, no risk involved.

4) On your roqqu dashboard, click on deposit 

5) Then in the next page, enter amount you want to deposit and click on PROCEED WITH DEPOSIT.

6) Then Choose the method you'd be paying with. You need to choose peer to peer as other methods are inactive. 

7) After this, choose the bank account you'd be paying from

If you don't have any bank account already added to your roqqu wallet, kindly go to your profile on roqqu and add as many accounts you wish to add. Make sure the account is the one you'd be transferring from. 

Then click on PROCEED

8) On the next page, you would be shown an account you woukd transfer to, make transfer to the account and use the description exactly as it is given on your roqqu wallet. Do not include any text, just that number you are given.

9) Wait for few minutes, your wallet would be credited.

10) After crediting the wallet, you can now use the method below to purchase the dogecoin. 


1) Go to your roqqu wallet 

2) Click on buy/sell

3) A pop up will be shown, click on INSTANT BUY

4) Then scroll down and click on DOGE 

5) Then input the amount you wish to purchase

6) On the next page, you'd be shown the summary of your purchase, the amiybt if doge you'd be given depending on the amount you wish to purchase.

Then finalize your purchase. 

That's all

You can buy as many as other crypto available on roqqu using same method.

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