How to BUY dogecoin in Nigeria

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Today I'd be teaching you how to buy dogecoin in Nigeria as many people have been asking me questions about it.

This was due to the sudden increase in price of dogecoin as at 28th January 2020. The coin price increased to almost ×8 of the starting price. That's cr*zy!! 😁

Okay let's go to the main topic. 


2. Click the menu button and choose SIGN IN

3. Login with either your Google account, Facebook or Twitter (but I'd advise you login with Google account)

4. You'd be asked to verify your email address if you are a new member

5. After verification, you can now login back to the website and buy your dogecoin.

The website also sells up to 75 other coins which you can buy including bitcoin, Ethereum and other popular amd unpopular cryptocurrencies.

After purchase, feel free to transfer your coin to any other wallet of your choice and if you decide to leave it, it's fine! The website is secure enough.

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