[Mp3] Danzacu by Tizzy Eskidi Ft. 2Grade Efejene & Godfrey nice


         God'stime Efejene which came from 9ja Delta. His stage name was popularly known as called 2Grade Efejene also known as 2Grade Baba or 2Gentle.

Tizzy Eskidi and Godfrey nice was brought up in the musical industry by 2Grade Efejene.

2Grade Efejene allow Tizzy Eskidi and Godfrey nice to join Talentshot Boiz record label.

          2Grade Efejene and Tizzy Eskidi also Godfrey nice are the same class in secondary school, which was SS2 "B" class. They composed the song which was called [Danzacu]

The chorus of the song which was called "Danzacu" was composed by Tizzy Eskidi, while verse 1(one) was composed by 2Grade Efejene, and the verse 2(two) of the song was composed by Godfrey nice.


 They composed the song at the age of ⤵️

When 2Grade Efejene was 19 years old boy. Tizzy Eskidi was 20 years old boy, while Godfrey nice was 18 years old boy. They composed the song when they were in SS2 "B" class in Idjerhe grammar school, Jesse Town during the year 2020.


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