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Okay guys, I'd be making a review of the latest income making program in town known as THEEXODUSES, many might have known this before while some haven't. I'd be walking you through exactly how it works, just grab your popcorn and juice as we proceed..☺️👇

What’s Really About?

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Theexoduses is a platform that has partnered on many companies affiliate programs, such as Payporte,  jumia, Konga, , Yudala and many others to help them advertise their products to gain commission.
For theexoduses to get millions of naira from commission, they decided to launch a platform that will enable users share those companies affiliate product links to their various Facebook timeline on daily basis. They pay users who does that.
I hope you have gotten the logic? Sure, I think you should!
This method is somehow different from that of Racksterly that allows users to advertise their business on the platform while others share the post to their Facebook timeline to earn money.

How Does theexoduses Sharing Works?
Theexoduses has separate SHARING and REFERRING dashboard; that means you are allowed to withdraw your daily sharing and referring money separately.
Before you can register on the platform, you have to choose one of their three subscription plans. Note that a subscription plan determines what you will earn at the end of a month (30 days). You also need 200+ friends on your Facebook account before you can register on the platform.(This rule is to make sure nobody spam the platform by creating fake accounts just to earn without really giving their advertisers any customer in return)

Plans in theexoduses 

    1.  Small Plan: You will subscribe for $15 and whenever you share a post per day, you will get $1 and at the end of the month, you will accumulate $30. 
    2. Big Plan: This plan requires you to pay $45 and you will keep earning $3 per day whenever you share a daily post to your Facebook timeline. In a month, you will accumulate $90.
    3. Mighty Plan: This is the highest plan of $75 which will enable you earn $5 per day on any product link you share to your Facebook timeline. At the end of the month, you will earn a whopping $150
Note: You can boost your earnings by referring new users to the platform. Meanwhile, referral is not necessary for withdrawal atall,  it just to get more income.

Register for theexoduses here

How To Boost Your theexoduses Earnings

To boost your theexoduses Earnings, you have to refer new users to the program. Every user you refer, you earn 15% from the plan the referred user subscribed onto.
However, theexoduses has Marketing or Referring Achievements to earn a whopping $200
Another way of earning is by completing a series of achievement
Theres are many achievements that one can unlock and yo get paid and they are referal based. Since they want to grow so that other companies and organizations would want to advertise with them, these comissions are paid to your for your contributions in their growth. A list of achievements they will pay for are
1. Refer on 1st day of your subscription, you will earn 30% of the plan the referred user subscribed to.
2. Refer on 2nd day of your subscription, you will earn 25% of the plan the referred user subscribed to.
3. Refer on 3rd day of your subscription, you will earn 20% of the plan the referred user subscribed to.
4. Refer first 10 friends who subscribed within one subscription period, you will be given $10.
5. Refer next 10 friends who subscribed within one subscription period, you will get $17.
6. If the 10 friends you referred subscribed to Value and Deluxe Plan, you will get $15.
7.  Be the top referral of the month, you will get extra $200. To qualify, you must hit 20 referral and above

I think it sound fabulous right? 
Join the moving train now and take advantage of its promotional program racksterly are currently running titled Achievement.
Remember that, theexoduses is not a get rich quick scheme of a thing at all, but a legitimate ways one can make money online no matter your qualifications as long as you have an internet connection and also very active in social media accounts.

How To register theexoduses Program?

STEP 1: Register for theexoduses here
STEP 2: Choose one of the plans and tap on “SIGNUP“.
STEP 3: Enter your Username, Password, Email, Phone Number, Date of birth, first and second name and finally, tap on CREATE NEW ACCOUNT.
STEP 4: Now, login your email and follow the link theexoduses sent to you to complete your registration.
STEP 5: Read the disclaimer and tap on “continue to create account“.
STEP 6: Now, go your Facebook account and copy your profile LINK and paste it on theexoduses.
STEP 7: You will be taken to the next page where you will add your NIGERIA BANK ACCOUNT details.
STEP 8: Once done, make payment from paystack or use bank method.
Note: Once you have made the payment, your account will be activated instantly. 
STEP 9: Once your account has been activated, you can now start sharing advert to your Facebook timeline to earn, or refer to boost earnings.

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  1. This is great just like Racksterly

  2. I subscribed January 2020 and shared for twenty right days, due to company maintenance I didn't complete thirty days. I suppose to withdraw on 26/02/2020 but up till I haven't withdraw that the amount is not up to minimum required, can do something please


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