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Okay guys, I'd be making a review of a new income program website new in town.

Register on theexoduses here
After many email request from different people that I should share my experience on this THEEXODUSES income platform. I'd be honoring your request and I will share my personal experience, withdrawal and how the platform works.

Keep reading..... was launched January 2020,it's very new, yeah! And I have made test the platform and found out it's worth registering. I'm not just writing this review for referral sake, trust me! I have make many enquires you wouldn't think of before I bring this review publicly to my blog..

With the enquiries I made, I can say is very legit and their is no scamming intention as many would think.

I have personally registered on the platform and cash out once as at the time of this review and I still have huge amount waiting for it to be withdrawn on my dashboard.

How it works?. 

Theexoduses pays members for just sharing one advert on their Facebook timeline each day. Each member is limited to share one advert per day and you earn based on the plan you register for. Keep reading this post to see the list of available plans

You also get paid 30% for referring and bringing more members to the platform. Let's assume the least plan is N5250, if you refer someone to that plan you earn 30% of N5250 which is N1525, it also applies to other plans. Understood?

Plans available on

Below is a list of three plans available on which you can register for based on your choice
  1.  Small Plan: You will subscribe for $15(N5250) and whenever you share a post per day, you will get $1 (N350)and at the end of the month, you will accumulate $30.(N10,500)
  2. Big Plan: This plan requires you to pay $45(N15,750) and you will keep earning $3(N1050) per day whenever you share a daily post to your Facebook timeline. In a month, you will accumulate $90.(N31,500)
  3. Mighty Plan: This is the highest plan of $75(N26,250) which will enable you earn $5(N1750) per day on any product link you share to your Facebook timeline. At the end of the month, you will earn a whopping $150(N52,500)
Cool, yeah? Let's go on

How do I get paid on theexoduses?

We have two earnings on theexoduses. The first is the referral earnings and the second is the normal earnings from shadings ads daily.

Withdrawal for referral earnings is everyday, the form is always opened anytime in the day and you can withdraw your earnings and expect your payment within 24hrs

Withdrawal for ads sharing is always done once your subscription period reaches 30 days. Let's assume you register for any plan on the 25th of January, you will be able to withdraw your ads sharing earnings on the 24th of February (that's 30 days)
Below is my personal proof of payment from the platform

Now that you know how it works, how can you register 

Simply click the register link below to get started

Fill in the form, and make payment, once you can start earning huge like me.

If you need assistant registering, contact me via 08150652241 or on whatsapp via this link

Conclusion:- is still very hot and new, this is your chance of making it huge on the platform, many people are coming In everyday and cashing out everyday. Don't dull it, let's make this money together. One love fam♥️♥️🤞

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  1. How can i refer someone after subscribing

  2. How can I send mail to [email protected]? My referral bonus was to credit to my account I was asked to send my widral id to that may above

  3. Pls l have paid but my account have not been activated

  4. At the end of the month, after withdraw/payment, do I nerd to pay another money b/4 I proceed?


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