Three[3] types of relationship advice you should ignore

Believe it or not, not all relationship advice is good or sensible. It may be coming from a good place, but as the saying goes, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.”

There are really no cut out rules or guidelines that work for everybody as far as relationships go. What worked for Couple A may not necessarily work for Couple B or C.

Let's talk relationship advice

Furthermore, there are some kinds of relationship advice that are outdated and no longer have a place in this modern world we live in today.

1. Don’t have sex on the first date: This is entirely up to you and the person you are having that date with. The morale behind this advice is that as a lady, having sex on the first date will create a bad impression about you to the guy and he may see you as “cheap” and “easy”. Or that a relationship that begins with sex will not last. Well, that is nowhere near the truth. There’s no guarantee that waiting till your 100th date before having sex will make your relationship last for all eternity. Sex does not necessarily determine the longevity of a relationship, because there are other important things that make up a good relationship besides sex.

2. Play hard to get: A grown woman has no business pretending to be indifferent to a guy she clearly likes. Playing hard to get is a childish game you shouldn’t be playing as an adult. A man who is serious about dating you will come to you and express his intentions clearly. If you keep playing coy and messing with his emotions, he’ll eventually get tired and move on, while you’ll be left pining for him and regretting your actions. A woman with a strong self-esteem does not need a man to chase her around before she knows her worth.

3. Once you’re in love, nothing else matters: This is such a lie. Yes, we agree that love is beautiful and it is one of the main components of a successful relationship. But it takes a lot more than love to keep a relationship together. Your finances and other things that improve your well-being also matters. If you’re in love but do not have a well outlined conflict resolution method, you’ll have serious problems together.

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