A Sweet Potato asked me in a recent post to tell him who/what is a Slay Queen or Slay Mama. Well, let me firstof all, tell you who a Slay Queen is supposed to be.

Beautiful dark model with big hair over gray background Fashion and beauty with African dark skin model.

A Slay Queen is supposed to be a woman who has beauty brains, and power. What she says, does, and wears should “give you life.” In case you don’t understand the figurative meaning of giving you life, it basically means that she’s inspiring you, hitting all the right notes. You love what you see her doing and wearing and you love what you hear her saying. She’s basically the real-life Wonder Woman.

That’s who a Slay Queen should be. But who is actually celebrated as a Slay Queen (in the Nigerian community at-home and abroad)? She’s a woman who dresses well and is usually attractive (although not always!) but has butter for a brain. She has the newest clothes and shoes and bags and jewelry, but may not be gainfully employed She can tell you what Kim Kardashian wore yesterday and she can tell you the latest asoebi trend and how to have brows on fleek, and how to have cheekbones as high as the Empire State, but she cannot tell you if The New York Times is a newspaper or a timezone. She’s active on social media – especially Instagram – and she tries to convince you that she’s living the life she says she’s living. But those who know her personally know that nothing she portrays on Instagram is real life.

Today’s Slay Queen boasts of material possessions, but you cannot have an intellectual conversation with her.

Her biggest goal in life is to grow her Instagram followers She’s famous for being famous. She tags all her pictures with #AsoebiBella and she would rather not pay a bill than miss an opportunity to show you her newest shoes. She is more interested in appearing to have money than in actually having money.The money she spends most likely comes from a man.

It could be her boyfriend, her husband, or someone else’s boyfriend or husband. It could be her father, but that is most unlikely. She depends on the men in her life to make her Instagram life come true. She does not understand that being a Slay Queen is not a profession and Instagram followers are not legal tender One day, she will find out. She thinks of herself as a celebrity, although she has no substance and no reasonto be celebrated.

To put it very simply, she’s the glorified runs girl of Instagram

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