Did you know that you can actually make money by having your own blog? How can you start one and how can you make it profitable? Here’s what you need to know!

It seems these days that blog creation is what almost all people do these days. There are special blogger apps which make writing so much easier for writers. Besides, given the popularity of this activity, more and more professionals of this area unveil the most practical blogging tips which can speed up the process of making the blog profitable and not just a hobby you occasionally do.

So what should you know when looking for ideas on blog creation? What factors should you take into account? Here is what we think about it.

Blogging tips or how to make money from writing a blog

  • Find a profitable niche.
This question can take up some time given the number of niches in the market. So, prepare to work hard on the identification of what will work better. How can you pick a better niche?
Start with your passions. What are you really good at? What do you like doing? What do you have a significant level of expertise in? Make a list of things which come to your mind and let it be your blog ideas list.
Then conduct research on the market, and see what niches are not too complicated to get into. There are niches in which the leaders are holding their positions so strongly that chances are you will never get to the top. So, not to waste your time on failures consider checking the niches in which you can become a real competitor to the rest of the companies.
Especially, focus on the blogs in Nigeria. Are there free spots in the online market in Nigeria which you can cover? If there is, then go for it.

  • Create original content.
Your blog will be all about the quality of your content. Thus, get ready to work hard on delivering only the best of what you know in an astonishing manner. Readers don’t want mediocre writing; they only want the best. And if you cannot give them what they want, they will find another blogger capable of delivering the best content possible.
So, what do we mean when saying quality content? There are a few things you should take into account.

  1. Original. First of all, the content has to be original, or in other words, one of a kind. You cannot take someone else’s ideas, or even if you do, you need to refer to that person and mention why you believe that readers can trust his expertise.
  2. Creative. It also has to be extraordinary. For instance, even if you talk about things everyone knows a lot about, you have to present what you have in such a way that readers would think of it as of brand-new information. You can also support the minorities in the conflicts of interest or also, look at things from a different angle. Whatever you pick, make it original and creative.
  3. Unique. The search engines like Google or Yahoo typically prioritise the pages according to the uniqueness of their content. They scan to see whether no plagiarism was added to the page. In case content which is not unique was found, such page will only appear on the page which is far from the first result pages which can severely damage your financial situation given that users don’t go further than the second page in most cases.

  • Pay attention to blog design.
People tend to pay more attention to the design of the blog. Is it easy to use? Are all the buttons easy to reach? Can users easily scan the page or search the whole website for keywords? Besides, they tend to read those blogs which look trendy and stylish. Most people hate it when pages are all covered with ads or when text is too small to read.

If you check out the websites of popular bloggers of Nigeria like Linda Ikeji or Jide Ogunsanya you will understand what we are talking about. So, take it into account when looking for the best blog templates.
  • Add visuals.
Readers don’t like reading huge chunks of information. They prefer getting concepts from pictures or infographics which are in huge trend these days too. We cannot blame them given the massive amount of information they get every day. Watching videos is a much simpler task.
Besides, they are easier to remember and analyse.

  • Make up a catchy name.
Once you realise what you will be writing about, pick the name for your brand. It has to be simple but outstanding. People should not confuse it with other brand names. You should also check whether you can get the domain containing the same name in it. So, think of proper names and check the available domain list.
  • Pick among the best blog sites.
There is a broad range of blog sirtes which you will find attractive. However, depending on your purposes you can opt for different ones. Our advice is to check the monetization policies for each platform before you make your decision. However, among the best and leading sites are:
  1. WordPress
  2. Blogger
  3. Medium
  4. Squarespace
  5. Tumblr
  6. Weebly
  7. Wix
  8. Svbtle
They are all easy to navigate and have a broad range of both free and costly templates one can use.

  • Create a content plan.
The secret of most successful blogs is that they post useful information on a regular basis. You have to keep up the good work, and for that, you need to brainstorm ideas for future blog posts. Write all of the ideas in a document and start working on them. Make sure you have different content in your content plan, as readers might get tired or bored if you only focus on long reads. Let there be something fun or provocative too.
  • Go social.
Another key to making a successful blog is in using social media for promotion. The audience of social media is diverse and thanks to many advertising techniques you can select a specific audience you want to see your ads. Thus, you will reach to more users than you would use just the blogging platform.
So, create an account at social media giants like Facebook or Instagram, depending on the content you deliver, and increase the impact you have in the niche by inviting more people to check out your blog.

  • Ask for a feedback.
All the big companies frequently ask for honest feedback from their clients. You need to understand what your customers think and adjust your writing to their needs and expectations. Besides, by asking them for their opinion, you become a very personal and caring brand unlike faceless competitors in the niche. So, start a contest or just ask them to tell you what they think about your work.
Be ready to deal with criticism, as it is inevitable. But it is exactly what you are looking for. Thanks to it, you know where to move and what to work on.

  • Collaborate.
You need to work with other blogs in the same niche to increase your influence. We don’t mean working with your business rivals, as this is never a good idea. But rather working with those whose products are not similar but neighbouring to what you do. So, if you are writing about the psychology of the family life, you can co-work with the bloggers specialized in children’s nutrition. It is very personal, but you get the idea!

  • Make the subscription simple.
Readers won’t have much time to figure out how the complicated registration process works. So if you want to turn unique visitors into regulars, you have to make subscription easy. Thus, you can make it into a pop-up window which appears on the screen after a user spends few minutes on your website. Whatever works for you, but make it simple, containing only three essential questions.
These tips will make the process blog creation in Nigeria comfortable for you. Just follow the steps we described above, and enjoy the transformation of your hobby into your full-time occupation. Good luck!

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