President Muhammadu Buhari has said he is not convinced
that state police is the solution to the insecurity challenges
in the country.

Buhari made the remark during an interview with the Voice
of America Hausa Service on Tuesday.
He hinged his argument on the premise that most states are
not financially stable to support the state police as according
to him, most of the states still owed salaries of workers.
“I want the Nigerian Constitution to be consulted first and
see what it says. If it says they should be allowed, then they
should be allowed but don’t forget, how many times did we
have to release money to states in the name of bailouts to
enable them pay salaries?
“How many states are able to pay their workers in time? And
you add the police to them? People should look at this
matter very well.”

When asked further if he was convinced about State Police,
he expressed worries over the capability of the states to
shoulder such responsibility.
“No I am not convinced. We should have solved the current
insecurity in the North East and South South by now.
“Can the states be able to shoulder the burden if the Police?
“You cannot just give someone guns and ammunition, train
him and refuse to pay him, you know what will eventually
happen,” Buhari added.

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