President Muhammadu Buhari has described security as a
big challenge to the country and promised that his
administration was poised to curb the threat.
He made the assurance in his Workers’ Day address in
Abuja where he was represented by the Vice President, Yemi

Buhari pointed out the steps taken by the Security Council
aimed at reviving the nation’s security architecture to meet
the “challenges of the mindless killings in some parts of the
country, including the threats of marauding herdsmen, cattle
rustlers and bandits.”
“It is our duty to secure the rights of farmers, and all citizens
and to ensure that herders also can rear their cattle,
especially as were proposed in well-resourced ranches.”, he
The President observed that there were criminals trying to
stoke religious and ethnic crisis and divide the country
using all manner of excuses including the recent attacks.
“We recognise that while the protection of lives and property
is a primary responsibility of the government, it is incumbent
on us as citizens to share in this responsibility.

“It is at the end of the day a collective responsibility. This
country belongs to us all,” he said,
Buhari remarked that the country “is great because of the
talents of our people from every tribe, tongue and religion.
Our diversities are our strength.
He urged Nigerians to reject every attempt to divide us,
saying “our focus must be on developing our economy,
providing opportunities in industry, in manufacturing, in
technology for our young people.’’
The president said that the administration also had no
choice but to improve the business environment to make it
possible for small and medium scale businesses to work.

According to him, the administration is committed to
ensuring the reduction of interest rates so that businesses
can have access to cheap credit.
On workers welfare, he reiterated that his administration had
assisted states with more than N1.91 trillion to defray
workers’ salary arrears, adding that it also remained resolute
in the increase of workers’ salaries.

“While we do recognize that the payment of salaries and
pensions is essential, we are also conscious of the fact that
the increasing cost of living and the recognition to ensure a
fair and decent living wage have rendered the minimum
wage instrument which is currently in force obsolete.
“Although there are arguments regarding fixing minimum
wage in a federation such as ours.

“It is the responsibility of government to establish the
necessary social protection for all Nigerian workers based
on the ability of each tier of government to pay.
“We believe that those who can pay above the social
protection floor are free to do so as many have been doing
in many states and sectors of the economy,” the President

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