How to start a business online with just 10,000 - 50,000 naira


Have you been looking for a way to manage your capital and start a profitable business online that’s going to yield over 100% ROI in just few period depending on your seriousness. Look no further, I’d be showing you how. I’m not introducing you to a ponzi scheme, nah! Here I’d be teaching you how you control your money, you be your own boss!

Let’s get down to business. Below is a list of businesses or skills you can start with just 10,000 and make huge returns in a few period.

1. Learn a skill ;- The easiest way I feel you can make money online is giving people services with your skills. You don’t depend on anybody to give you your accumulated earning, nah! Nothing like that, your money goes straight to your account and you spend as you like , that would not stop more from coming! The only place you can spend more money is paying influencers fo promote your skills so you can get more customers and make more money. That’s business right😁.

Now let’s talk about businesses you can start with just 10,000 naira, If you have more than 10000 naira as capital, you can send a message to me on WhatsApp so I show you other businesses you can start.

Back to our talk. Businesses you can start with 10,000 naira

  • Graphic design:- Graphic design is a very lucrative business you can start online to make money if you apply your skills the right way. With apps like Pixel lab, Canva , you can start your graphics design game and be an expert. The apps are available for free on play store and App Store. You can watch YouTube videos to upgrade your design skills if you are a beginner and you are good at grabbing stuffs easily, then you can use your 10,000 naira capital to advertise with influencers like WhatsApp TVs, . Or if you need a beginner tutorial that will teach you everything you need to know about graphic design or how to use those apps from A-Z, you can buy my N5000 ebook and trust me you will not kiss any important information because the ebook contains everything you need to know. Message me on WhatsApp now!
  • Start a WhatsApp tv:- 

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