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How to create an e-commerce website like jumia, Konga , Jiji , olist

 Today, I’d be teaching you how to create an e-commerce website like jumia, konga, Jiji, olist.

The above mentioned website are all e-commerce website but with different functionality.


Jumia is an e-commerce website that only allows verified vendors and brands to upload product within their closed system. Every product on jumia are legit, there is no fear of scam or whatever. Are you looking forward to building something like that? I’m a skilled web designer , I can achieve a website like jumia with Wordpress as I’ve built similar websites in the past. Check the last paragraph of this article for contact.

Also, jumia have a page where vendors or brand register with there full details , CAC registration , shop address and directors details. After which they review and approve. Then such vendor can start uploading products on jumia. Every vendor have a sell score and overall rating percentage which is used to determine how effective their products is. This is what most people check first whenever they want to purchase on jumia. This will enable all vendors to be well behaved so they can see more purchase bidding. 

All these can be done on your website and you also build a very effective functioning website like jumia. I can build that for you with Wordpress. One of the most important plugin for this type of website is WOOCOMMERCE and other related Wordpress plugins that will be put to work. You can hire me to build this type of website for you at affordable price. 


Jiji is also a very good e-commerce website. What Jiji does is provide a platform to connect buyer and seller. They allow anybody to register and anyone can upload product without confirming if legit or not 

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