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How to stop your whatsapp tv from hanging - Tips & Solution

Hi guys, I'm Josh and based on popular demand, today I would be teaching you generally how to stop your whatsapp tv from hanging.

If you run a whatsapp tv with huge or little traffic and it's hanging, say no more, you will get the solution you need here.

If by the end of this tips, you don't still get your problem solved, do drop a comment, you will be responded to within 24hours

1) Use a phone of at least 4GB RAM:- Running a whatsapp tv can be resource consuming most times. So using a phone of less than 4GB may not be able to serve you in most cases as it will get to a stage that it will start hanging. Even 4GB phone hangs in few cases recorded not to talk of the one less than that. From my own personal experience, if you want to run a whatsapp tv effectively without having hanging issues from start, use a 4GB RAM phone.

2) Do not delete statuses:- From series of cases observed, deleting your whatsapp status can cause your phone to hang especially on WhatsApp business, other whatsapp also do this. So it's recommended not to delete status at all. Always cross check before posting very well so as to avoid mistakes that will make you delete your posts.

3) Stay on your whatsapp while posting:- It has also been noted that leaving your whatsapp or minimizing it while a status is loading can also cause your whatsapp to hang. Doing this will cause whatsapp to run in background which will make it not load effectively. It's always advisable to stay on your whatsapp till status finish loading.


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