Pioneer news earning : Make more than 10, 000 weekly

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*Pioneer news earning is officially launching today...* 💃💃5/11/2018

thє fírѕt 3000 pєσplє tσ jσín thє plαtfσrm wíll pαч #900, αftєrwαrd ít wíll íncrєαѕє tσ #1000... jσín thíѕ grσup nσw tσ know more вєfσrє thє σppσrtunítч clσѕєѕ

*Here is a breakdown of how it works* 👇

💯💯💯💯💯💯💯👇👇👇👇👇Registration is #900 for the first #3000 people to join..after that it will increase to #1000... Join the moving train*
```Read the 🚄 summary here👇👇

This is the breakdown of how you earn on *pioneer news income pay*

💯 Comment *#5*  each (Unlimited)

💯 viewing of news *#4* per news (unlimited)

💯 When you register you get *#200* as a welcome bonus

💯 Creating a well constructed post *#55* each {unlimited but you only get paid if your post is being approved by admins)

💯 Sharing of sponsored post *#150*

💯 Daily login *#60*

💯 Referral *#700* but is optional

💯 Registration fee is *N900* only _(for the first 3000 people to join us)_ then after 3000 members,,registration fee will  now be *N1000*

✅ minimum withdrawal is *#4000* only

🤑 **withdrawal is every 2 weeks (on Fridays) withdrawal portal will be open starting from 12:00am to 6:00 pm on Fridays** .🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑

*Can't you see that this is the best?*
 ```NOTE::referral is optional, we pay with or without referral..```
*Officially launching today*💃💃💯💯💯💯💯
jσín thíѕ grσup nσw tσ вє rєgíѕtєrєd
Now the question is HOW DO YOU REGISTER!??
1) first click here to register
2) Next you need is to get a coupon code.You will have to pay #900 to a verified coupon code seller as written on the website.

Here is the account number👇
*First bank*
2)after payment click here to chat him up on whatsapp. Tell him your bank name and the name of your bank so he will verify your payment. After that he will send you the coupon code
3) then log in back to where you registered in STEP 1, then enter your coupon code.
Congratulations, you have successfully created an account.

Notice: the platform is still under maintenance, you may not register Now. However you can earn on other program like AIRTIME EARNING PROGRAM, CLICK HERE TO READ MORE
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