Racksterli - How to build a site like racksterly / racksterli

As we all know racksterli is one of the fastest growing Income earning program in Nigeria where you just earn from sharing post on your Facebook time line. 

Today i will teach you how to create a website like racksterli.

Firstly, racksterly is not built on WordPress but as a programmer, we can pile up every code needed to build or establish a racksterly-like website on WordPress. 

Let's get started

 We have a coded theme that looks exactly like racksterly theme

You also need to install some plugins and some inbuilt Coding and:-
1. Registration Page
2. Login page
3. Online payment system & coupon system
4. Referral system
5. Member Account Dashboard
6. Front end customization

You will hire me to help you build full racksterli income site with all features
Price: 50k

Contact me for Negotiation and Full Sample Of racksterly Program Site: call/whatsapp 08143017102

Websites I have built
Betakash.com.ng - Sport earning website
Vestotron.com.ng - Tron mining website
I have more and more... Just contact me for full sample.

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