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NNU Forum / NNU Forum version 2 is currently trending online and many persons are making money from NNU forum while many are at same time complaining. Are you still doubting if NNU Forum is real or is it a scam? I will briefly tell you what i know about NNU forum. You need to read all especially if you were a member of NNU Income Project version 1.
My name is Stanislaus Okeke. Am an active member of NNU forum. And a beneficiary of NNU Income Project. Yes, NNU is a multi million project. I have done this before and made over 340,000 naira from this NNU income project. See my dashboard below for the version 1.

I know most of us reading this might have done or participated in NNU income program version 1. Joining NNU forum may seem hard for you to join. Even I, Stanislaus understands.
But I have a good news to all NNU Income members. If you registered on NNU Income version 1 and you’re having earnings there, relax! YES, RELAX! Your earnings aren,t gone!
One thing we should all know is tha the founder of NNU Forum, Boss PSO isn’t interested in scamming you and I. His interest is that you should be cool earning from his initiative.
So, NNU Forum enables us to transfer our earnings from NNU Income version 1 to this NNU Forum version 2. See the below screenshots:
Yes, that’s part of my dashboard! As you can see, he has our interest at heart and is ready to clear our earnings. Am also having some lilttle cash on NNU income version 1 hoping with assurance that I will transfer them to my NNU Forum version 2.
See what the founder has to say:

I will help you with his contact so you request for your old earnings.
I won’t ask you to trust me since we are already at home with the slogan: TRUST NO ONE. But I will assure you that you will enjoy this NNU Forum version 2 more than version 1. Why? Keep reading to find out.
May be getting people to register on NNU Forum may be what you think of compulsory. Buh hear me well.. it’s not compulsory to refer before you can make money on NNU Forum. You said nah lie ? Oya see the below picture.

Don’t understand the picture above? it’s simply communicating that the owner of that NNU Forum account above made 5000 naira from his NNU Forum activity earnings and the 5000 naira was automatically converted to his NNU Forum wallet which he will withdraw anytime he wishes!
Look at another NNU Forum earnings without referrals:

Nnu Forum payments have started flowing in. Don’t think am faking anything.
But I will drop my personal NNU Forum payment alert here:

Now you may ask what and what should one do in other to make money from this trending NNU Forum.
It’s very simple my brethren: Share their viral posts on your facebook timeline. You earn 100 naira for this. Create a forum topic, you earn N200. Login to your NNU Forum account, you earn 50naira. Read news and earn 10naira, comment on any news and earn 20 naira and finally refer people, both your friends and enemies and earn 1000 naira.. yes, 1K.
I have joined this NNU Forum version 2 again on 27th August, 2019. And I have already earned from all the above listed. You can see my dashboard below:

Nnuforum.com is legit

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