How I made my N8000 on Cashgist within 1 week - Amazing

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I'd be telling you more about how I made N8,000 just within 1 week of joining CASHGIST INCOME PROGRAM.

Like, whenever I hear of all these news paying website, all I can think of is that they are all scammers. You know nah? All these sites that will come and just operate within few days, they are off.

Not to talk much,

One day, I just decided giving this CASHGIST of a thing a try with registration fee of N1500, and to my surprise I made N8000 within one week and it was paid to my bank account, not even up to 2 hours of placing withdrawal I received the alert. (Note:- I didn't refer anyone at that time)

Currently, I have made over 30,000 on the site. I was just wondering if not of the spirit that ask me to give it a try, that's how I will loose that huge amount of money.

That's why I decided to introduce it to you all because I have tried, seen and verify that CASHGIST is real. Here are some payment proofs

One question that comes to your mind now is this HOW CAN I MAKE THAT AMOUNT ALSO? (continue reading) 

Below is a breakdown of how you earn on cashgist

  • 1. You get N100 whenever you register
  • 2. Get N50 for logging in daily
  • 3. Earn N50 for sharing sponsored post
  • 4. Get N50 for when you perform Task2earn 
  • 5. Get N4 for commenting on post (unlimited post)
  • 6. Get N2 for viewing post(unlimited) 
  • 7. Earn 60% referral commissions, you will earn N900 when you refer someone.
  • 8. N200 when you redeem a free coupon giveaway
  • 9.You get N100 for daily quiz whenever you participate 
With all the activities above, you can also be making N8000 weekly on Cashgist. 
 Note: Referral is not compulsory for withdrawal. Infact, you can withdraw without referral.

Registration is just a one time payment of N1500


1. Click here to register

2. Scroll down and tap on the CONTINUE button

3. Enter your first name, last name, email address and password in the box provided

4. Then tap on MAKE PAYMENT below the page to process to the payment page. 

There are two methods of payment.
1) Coupon code

If you wish to pay through coupon code, pay N1000 to this coupon vendor account
Olatunbosun Victor Joshua

And chat him up on whatsapp by clicking here
He will give you a coupon code which you will use to register in the site.

If you wish to pay Online using PAYSTACK, just click on Make payment after filling the form, you will be redirected to where you pay online

Congratulations, you have successfully registered. 

Thanks for reading this article, if after reading this article, you don't register, it's your choice though but I pray you never regret it later. Now is the best time to register!! Cashgist pays

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