How to make money online legitimately

Congratulations, you can see this posth, whether you land here through google or you are fam of this blog, i bet your life will change after reading this post and taking actions.

I've said it, and I will continue saying it.If you couldn't get a good job after your graduation, you cause it yourself.

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I can't imagine a student not having any digital skills, you don't have any skills to offer, you can't present anything to people apart from your certificate?, so sad!! See, we are in a digital world, you need to have at least 50% knowledge of the web.

As a student. One of the benefits you have and must utilize within your 4years or more of stay on campus is access to large population of people, you have access to lots of people and you can sell your skills to them, imagine if you can gain #100 from 1000 people, that amount to #100,000.

It is really simple to make money as a student, you don't have to steal, fraud people or get money in some imorral way, as a student, you can earn unlimitedly depending on your dedication.

There are up to 20,000 students in every Nigeria institution.If you can gain at least #100 from 1000 of this population (5%) how rich would you be?

Please, endeavour to learn the following skills, they will surely be of help๐Ÿ‘‡

1. Web development: I am a blogger, yes, and I have knowledge in web development, I went to a program and met with a man, we discussed a lot and I showed my blog to him, he said he really like my blog and he will like to have something like that for his business, well....I charge him 40k (very low price)

 I designed a cool website for him, he later paid #35k, I used 10k to buy domain and hosting and used #25 to do night sub to do the designing, my gain was #24,750..Chooiii,is that not cool?

Imagine if I could get 10 people to request for a website like that, I will be having like #247,500.
And I can charge up to 150k per customer.
 That's just the logic, it is really simple to make money online.

Learn the skill, market it and wait as people demand for your service (just be truthful)

I will be selling an E-BOOK that contains every secret of making money online at just N5000 only. Check the last part of this post for payment procedure

2. Blogging :-You can imagine the amount the likes of Linda Ikeji is earning daily, close to $60,000 (convert to naira and see the magic), Makinde Afeez of naijaloaded has also earned fortune from blogging, his networth is close to $5million. Seun of Nairaland has also made a lot. Even me myself, i am making a living through blogging and web development.

Blogging is very interesting but need your dedications.

I will be selling an E-book that contains everything about Blogging (making money through blogging) for just N5000 only. Check the last part of this post for payment procedures. 

3. Graphics designing:- Graphics designing is a very marketable skill, you can earn from it as a student, it is really interesting and very easy..... You can design something within 30minutes and charge #5000 for it

4. Programming

5. App development

6. Digital marketing :- You can start selling ebook about anything online. For instance if you create an ebook about blogging and sell it for just N3000 each, if you sell if for 20 people, thats N60, 000..Isn't that cool? 

7. Email marketing

8. Social Media management

You don't necessarily need a laptop, a phone could be used some of the above work. I started with that and will be happy to teach others if you are ready to take actions.

Learning these skills is very advisable, don't think about the money, but about the gain you can derive from it.

To get the ebook for each of the above, it costs N5000 each. Choose anyone you want and make payment to this account 

Olatunbosun Victor Joshua 

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๐Ÿ‘‰Cashgist income program-- Make N15 000 weekly

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  2. is doing a great job. I bought the ebook in the 28th of June. Honestly, I have start making money from the strategy their.
    Though it's not much to my satisfaction yet but I believe as time goes on I will make it big.

    Once again, thanks joshspot for changing my life. ✴️


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