How to start data reselling business in Nigeria - And make money from it

Data Bundle Reselling Business in Nigeria With Little Investment (Full Guide) 

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I am Joshua popularly known as JOSHSPOT, I will be walking you through how you can
become a Data reseller and start making profit on it

Now let's get started
A bundle reselling business is a non-fading business nowadays, as the use of internet cannot
be neglected nor not being subscribed to. Data Reselling business simply means the buying of
internet data bundles in bulk or huge amount from a particular network carrier and selling in
slits, that is, smaller units to end users.
The buying and selling of internet data is lucrative as people can’t do without internet on
daily basis, and they need to stay subscribed to it by paying certain amounts and not
everybody is ready to be paying that high amounts network charges when there are data
resellers to buy from at cheaper prices.
A data reseller sells his/her data bundle at a cheaper price compared to that of the network
themselves. So, when you know how to capture your customers, you will always make the
best of profits on monthly basis.
I don’t really have much to say on this topic because it is very simple and easy. All you have
to do is just to follow the guide. 

What Is Data Bundle Reselling?

Data bundle reselling means the buying of data bundle in large sizes or quantity from
networks and selling then in smaller units(small quantities) to end users.

Who Is A Data Bundle Reseller?

A data reseller is someone who runs a data bundle resselling business. He/She buys data
bundles in bulk and resells at his price which will vary based on data bundle sizes. He/She
doesn’t need to buy at once because this is not SME. (continue reading…).
Why Should I Start A Data Bundle Reselling Business in Nigeria This 2019?

If you are looking to make money online and offline, this is a great opportunity for you. As
people cannot do without buying internet data everyday, you can get a share from these daily
data bundle purchasers.
You can be making over N25000 in profits every month. You buy at cheaper pricesand resell
at your price. Meaning, you profits solely depends on you.

What Is/Are My Benefits As A Reseller?

You earn money per sale (as low as N50). For instance, you buy MTN 1GB at the rate of
N470, you can resell at N550 or N600. That gives you a profit of N80 or N130
respectively.You are building your brand for yourself.You are making an online
presence.You gain peoples trust and this leads to more sales even when you introduce
your own products to them.

What Are The Networks That I Can Resell Their Data?
The four major networks in Nigeria which are MTN, GLO, 9Mobile, Airtel.

How do I register? 

This is actually the purchased part of this post, 
I have written this E-book in a question and answer format. This is to make things easier 
because I have answered if not all, but touched every angle that a beginner needs to know
about this data bundle reselling business in Nigeria.
It will teach you on how to register, the link and everything you need to get started . 

The e-book is something you can afford it's N3000 N1000, I may chose to increase the price very soon, it's better you use this discount opportunity wisely...

Once you are ready to buy the ebook, their are two options you can use for payment

1]You can pay online by clicking the button below,once your payment is confirmed, the ebook will be downloaded automatically, It takes just two minutes  Tap the button below 

2] Pay to the account below

Olatunbosun Victor Joshua 

After payment, Chat me up on whatsapp via this number 08150652241 or you can call the same number

Happy money making 

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