Afrolite Review: [SCAM OR LEGIT], Read this before you invest

Afrolite is a scam, Do not invest

If you have invested on the platform before or you are trying to invest  Please i urge you not to invest or send any money to the company's account.. Its all scam. 

Many people loose a huge amount invested on the platform Since the 19th of March 2019.They came as a real platform  they actually pays people when they are just launched but as time goes on they disappeared  their website went down, they don't reply whatsapp messages again, their hotline is switched off.

I have invested on the platform and i need my money back

Just drop a suggestion im the comment box below, a suggestion of what we cam do to get the owner sued. 

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  1. We have the afrolite address detail.

  2. Scam
    Dey dont reply messages again
    My miney is gone 😭😭😭


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