U.W.T.H popularly known as Unison of Whatsapp TV Holders is an association created to differentiate between legit and non legit whatsapp TV's.

Any Whatsapp TV without this logo is not legit.And if you advertise your product with them ,you will surely be scammed.

We therefore urge everyone who wish to advertise on whatsapp TV's to ask for this logo before paying them for any advert.Below is the logo

We would like you to know this also, many whatsapp TV's have forged a fake logo which will be used to decieve people because they don't have tge legit one.And we noticed this has gone viral on whatsapp .Please beware of scam.Hee is the logo below.Wherever you see this logo,know it's a scam

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Also drop a comment for any question, suggestion or complaint.

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