Sometimes we feel we've lost and no place to look or turn to, we feel broken just because we can't really figure  what we want or what to do .
      Tension and frustration gets to us and makes us wanna do things out of proportion
Sometimes we feel scared to face our biggest fear,we feel the fear the greater than us and not knowing we are greater than the fear.
     We sometimes feel nobody cares about us or our feelings, we think we are all alone, it makes us feel lonely and empty within and makes us take some drastic steps and cause the people who love you the most pain , we think we can't do anything to make things better.

 There are sometimes wen life gives us a test , which makes us make some decisions irrationally, then and there we lost some things which are very precious and priceless to us  we should learn to b optimistic about whatever comes our way , we should learn to conqueror and should be ready to face what ever life puts ur through, we shouldn't let's defeat be our friend , though we must learn to Lose in order to gain more experience and knowledge, cause as they say experience is the best teacher  ,

Lol, whenever we get the chance to give a speech , don't know why most of us get the fright, (stage fright) , you know whenever we get the same we should rather face our fear like I said earlier ,
 Well, I do get it also and that doesn't make me less within my peers , though it made me feel  insecure and I always end up hiding from everyone

    These are the things u have to do :
Whenever you are on stage just think about you being alone in ur room all by yourself and making a speech that the first thing I do and dat really helped me
Just try this and you will conquer the fright    


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