Reasons why we get dehydrated

Many of us get dehydrated easily and we tend to haccup which may cause chest pain for us and as we know the only remedy for it is water and as they  say water is life and without it we can't survive ,. Dehydration happens when we do not drink enough water and also stress is also one of them and when the weather is too hot .

When we get dehydrated we tend to not be fully balanced , we lose our focus , and much more

In most cases, we get it when we are tensed , and sometimes wen we r scared , this dehydrated of a thing lol is something that comes unplanned( sophisticated) and sometimes it comes at the moment when we are stranded , so dat why I would advise you that whenever you are going out always take ur water along with you cause you don't know how stranded u could be and as they say prevention is better than cure.

Work hard ! Work hard! Work hard!
That one Motto we should learn to follow , cause without hard work we can't get what we want or what to achieve , hard work leads to dedication when we are dedicated we will always want to work hard to achieve our goals , and when working hard always remember punctuality should always be your best friend, and my advice for we youth is that we should always strive hard to achieve our goals and dreams we should believe in ourselves we shouldn't make ourselves lazy , we should be optimistic about whatever comes our way we should not disseminate distribution and also we should be wish in any of our decisions.

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