This physique freak attitude portrayed by these
women could easily make one relate this to the
rampant domestic violence and broken
marriages in Nigeria. Since character and
personality are no longer the major things
women look out for in their man. Here are 12
normal things about a man that freaks every

1. Pink lips
Pink lips has now become a criteria ladies use to
tell a cute guy. Ladies, apart from painting their
dream man to be tall and handsome have also
imagined their guys with pink lips. This is
something some women just can’t have enough

2. Buttocks
This might sound funny but the way a man
could go crazy about a woman’s buttocks is the
same way some women love guys with this
feature. They appreciate it more, especially when
it is sizable and firm.

3. The lower back dimples
This is the two little holes on the lower back.
Although, it is surprising to know that the back
dimples on a man’s lower waist can actually
freak some women. Some women can take their
time to admire it when they see it on a man.

4. The manhood veins
This to a man is not a new thing, to them it is
normal. This is not so when it comes to some
women, to them it is one freaky thing they can’t
have enough from their men.

5. Gap teeth
Even though the open space in the teeth is as a
result of a dental accident but it is usually
appreciated by all. We all love it, especially on
women because it compliments her beauty. It is
also important to know that women find it super
attractive on their man
6. Dimples
This usually appears on the cheeks when you
give a smile. The same way a man will
appreciate this dimples on his woman is the
same way dimples on a man will catch the
attention of a woman..

7. Beard
Bread is now a new trend, most women find as a
point of attraction especially when it is neatly
kept. The beard is now what every woman will
want her man to grow.

8. Hairy chest
Am sure you wonder what women really find
attractive about this, while they shave off theirs.
A woman will take her time to clear any hair on
her body apart from her head but a man’s hairy
chest can sweep her off her feet.

9. Hairy arms and legs
Funny enough women hate to have hair growing
on their arms and legs, they will go waxing it off.
While a man’s hairy arms and legs will totally
get a woman’s attention.

10. Six packs
Every woman wants a man with a six packs and
find them adorable. They can’t get enough of the
fact that their man has the packs but they voice
out when the man with the packs hit them.

11. Triceps and biceps
These feature make some women believe they
are secured with the man. They believe this
actually makes them feel protected

12. Hands and fingers
When you have wide hands, some women really
find it attractive because they believe it is a sign
of firmness. To some of these women, the bigger
and longer your fingers, the more they get

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